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The Bitcoin Hard Driver Debacle

It’s been a busy couple of months with my day job, so I haven’t had a lot of time and/or energy to focus on all the cool stuff going on with Burst, but as most of you reading this (does anyone read this?) has already heard.. here’s something that is extremely NOT cool. In August of this year (2018), a new coin named “Bitcoin Hard Driver” came online, which uses almost exactly the same Proof… Read more »

Burst vs. Bitcoin Energy Consumption

Electricity Transmission Lines

Yesterday an article came out on Gizmodo about the energy consumption of Bitcoin, calling it “grossly inefficient, completely unsustainable, and an environmental menace“. Reading this article, only strengthens my belief that BURST, with it’s Proof of Capacity model, is a much better alternative for the future. The article claims that the per transaction kWh cost for Bitcoin is at least 300 kWh and could exceed 900 kWh by the end of 2018 as new miners… Read more »

The New Hard Drive is Here!

That’s right, one more spankin’ new 8TB drive! This one is a Western Digital My Book 8 TB drive for $169.99 from Google Express. After tax, price adjustment (WTF is that?) and a $20 credit for a first time purchase, it worked out to $163.16. That’s $20.395 per TB. Not too bad! Not as good $19.78 per TB I paid for the Seagate, but I think that extra cash is going to be well worth… Read more »