Monthly Archives: November 2018

Compiling Scavenger From Source to add OpenCL Support

Hyena Speedracer helmet

Now that I have Scavenger up and running on the ODROID-XU4, it’s time to do a little optimization to see how much I can really get out of it. For this I’m going to use 1.6.0 from the releases page. Download¬†Source code(tar.gz). The development team has some really great information on all of the configuration options on the github wiki, so make sure to check that out if you’re going to try this on your… Read more »

Scavenger 1.6.0 vs. creepMiner 1.7.18 – 32 Bit Showdown

Hyena Staring at You

On October 8th, Scavenger 1.6 was announced, which is pretty exciting for us miners using Linux on a 32-bit ODROID-XU4! Not only does the 1.6 update add support for 32-bit machines using ARM7, but it also has NEON support! Scavenger 1.6 can be downloaded on the PoC-Consortium GitHub page here. Previously, I had started a little work on a few projects that might have sped up my mining rig, including porting Blago’s miner, adding NEON… Read more »