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Plotting My First Drive

My first hard drive arrived in the mail today and I just couldn’t wait to get it set up and mining Burstcoin. I’ve been completely obsessed with researching everything I can just to start getting involved. I’ve seen a lot of posts on the forums with people setting up a bunch of 5TB external drives, which seems like a great size (intervals of 5 just work well in my brain), but after searching endlessly on… Read more »

Starting a Poloniex Account

Poloniex Home Screen

In order to activate my public key, I needed a place where I could actually purchase Burstcoins. Once it’s purchased, it’s a simple process to withdraw it to your wallet, which creates a public transaction, which sets up a pairing between your passphrase and your wallet address. Here’s a little bit more about that.. and what is definitely an easier process than signing up for Coinbase and Poloniex. The forum article is a little ambiguous… Read more »

Starting a Coinbase Account

Coinbase Home Screen

So when I first started this whole process (and after installing my brand-spankin new wallet) I needed to set up a Coinbase account to actually buy some Burstcoin! You can’t actually buy it directly there, but that allows you to send it over to an exchange like Poloniex to trade for BURST. Anyway, I headed on over to and clicked on the Sign up button in the top right and just followed along with… Read more »

Setting Up QBundle

It looks like the tutorials over on have already changed a little bit since I installed my Burstcoin wallet, but I’ll do my best to lay out the process and my key learnings here. In this article, I’m going to go through the process I followed to set up a local wallet for Burstcoin. They have their own wallet software, which is one of the features of Burstcoin. To learn more about what a… Read more »

Becoming a Prospector?

Welcome to Mine Some Burst! This website is dedicated to my adventures mining Burstcoin! What is Burstcoin/BURST? That’s a great question! Let’s find out together! So this all started one weekend where I was laid up on the couch unable to do much of anything except watch some Netflix, Hulu, YouTube.. you get the picture. I came across this video by Linus Tech Tips and it got me thinking… Back in 2009 while sitting at… Read more »