Creating an ROI Calculator

The more research I do into Burstcoin, the more excited I am about it’s future, but I’m also a bit skeptical about being able to make any actual returns on mining… unless there are some changes in either value to USD or the network difficulty (netdiff) comes down. Viewing the graph over on the website, you’ll notice that there was a huge spike in network size, starting around April of last year (2017). This number is the network difficulty, and it’s what I’m directly competing against with my plot size. At the time of this article, the netdiff is around 350,000 TB. YIKES! My plot so far is around 7 TB. That means for each block that’s mined, I have around a 0.002% chance of winning! Those are NOT good odds in anyone’s book.

I found a few calculators online, but they don’t seem to be that promising. Sites like even have what looks like malicious code in there to use MY resources for THEIR mining efforts. The site loads up a mining script. That doesn’t seem like they’re on the straight & narrow at all. Norton doesn’t like it, and neither do I.

So I created my own script to look at the numbers and give me a better idea of what I’m in for. Let me tell you, it’s a little bleak at this point. I’m praying that BURST takes off at some point to make up for the diminishing returns.. or maybe when people start realizing they’re never going to make their money back on hard drives, they’ll cut bait.

Check out the calculator here!

It’s not 100% finished at this time. I still need to add in some pool calculation tweaks, but it’s getting there! It looks like for my ~$160 investment in an 8TB drive, I’ll see a return in JUST 2,324 days!

The date I’ll finally see positive numbers will be August 28th, 2024!

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