Effective Capacity Test #3

Here we are 5 days after starting the Effective Capacity testing, and here are some results. I’ve seen that the laptop gives better results, and that looks like it’s due to a jump in around 10 valid deadlines.

Now, there’s always a bit of chance involved, but it looks to me like the valid deadlines are higher possibly due to a few blocks ending before the ODROID could finish reading the plot… or it could just be that it couldn’t find any with my plot size.

I’m going to raise the deadline limit a little based on the TiB size of my plot and the recommendation of 720 * netDifficulty / yourPlotSize. I’m still using 350000 as netDifficulty here.

Day Rig Miner Deadline Limit Valid Deadlines/360 Effective Capacity Actual Capacity
0 ODROID-UX4 creepMiner 16515036 331 13.7834TB 16TB/14.55TiB
1 ODROID-UX4 creepMiner 15750000 330 13.3888TB 16TB/14.55TiB
2 Asus Laptop Blago Miner 15750000 340 14.1301TB 16TB/14.55TiB
3 ODROID-XU4 creepMiner 16873868 328 12.8049TB 16TB/14.55TiB
4 ODROID-XU4 creepMiner 16873868 329 12.5906TB 16TB/14.55TiB
5 ODROID-XU4 creepMiner 17319587 330 12.8893TB 16TB/14.55TiB
6 ODROID-XU4 creepMiner 15750000 330 13.8768TB 16TB/14.55TiB


The increased Deadline Limit didn’t seem to really do anything. I reduced it again to 15750000 for the last day and it did seem to do better with that value. At this point, I’ve added another 8TB drive to the mix, so that’s all the testing I can do with these values.

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