The Western Digital My Book 8TB is Plotted!

The results are in when it comes to the Western Digital My Book 8TB vs. the Seagate 8TB Expansion Drive. And the winner is…

The Western Digital by a landslide!

It turns out this wasn’t even a close race. The Seagate was done in chunks for testing, but it ended up being around 190 total hours plotting the full 8TB. The Western Digital finished up in just 30 hours, 11 minutes.

Plotting Finished 8TB Western Digital

The difference there is just staggering, and after the painful process of plotting the Seagate, I’m going to stick with Western Digitals from now on (unless there’s a crazy sale on Amazon.)

The Western Digital finished up in just 30 hours, 11 minutes.

The WD writes fast enough that my CPU can’t keep up, even at 15,800+ nonces/min. You can see from the peaks and valleys in the image below that it finishes writing a chunk and waits for the CPU to finish the next section before writing more. With the Seagate, this graph was reversed. The CPU needed to wait while the hard drive slowly wrote the information.

Plotting Western Digital Peaks and Valleys

Western Digital finishes writing and waits for the next chunk

Since writing this article, I’ve added another Western Digital 8TB to my plots, with very similar times. The second drive took 31 hours, 12 minutes to plot in 2TB file sizes.

Second Western Digital Plotted

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